Encyclopedia of Me

i was recently tagged to do an “encyclopedia of my life”. the point is to use each letter once a day but i’m going to break them up into parts because i won’t have the time to post every day for that many days in a row. so here i go…

part 1: a thru h

A is for ANGELS. i have so many in my life: my mom, my sister, my husband, my daughter, my friends. they mean the world to me and always look over me.

B is for BEACH. i love the beach. when i think of going away, i think of the beach. it’s just special to me. papa would take the whole family there to stay in one house for the week! and if you knew our family, you’d know what a large liability this was to him! i’m just thankful we are all still alive! to this day, it is still my calm place.

C is for CHRISTMAS. i am obsessed with anything christmas. i love the songs, the weather, the merriness, the santa clauses at the mall, the cookies, the family, the foods, the gatherings, the giving, the receiving, the time off from work, the overall excitement that is just christmas. it is my favorite time of year and it’s fast approaching and this year will be our daughter’s first christmas so it will be even more special!

D is for DOG.

and my dog is brinks. i don’t know what we would do without brinks. as much as he gets on my last nerve at times, he kept me company during my days of bedrest. if i cry or cough he is still the first one by my side to make sure i am okay. when tim is traveling and karys is asleep, brinks is my constant companion. so i must reserve “d” for my faithful brinks.

when our best friends moved a few years ago, tim and i started staying in more. and we actually enjoyed it! during my pregnancy we watched entire seasons of shows on dvd from netflix and really enjoyed our time alone together. and still most nights i would pick staying in with my husband and daughter than going out. maybe i’m getting too old, but i love hogging them to myself. there is truly no better place to be than home.

F is for FAMILY & FRIENDS. i know everyone says this, but i truly have the best family and friends i could have asked for. i already have a wonderful and handsome husband, a fabulous daughter and a sweet brinks. i look forward to growing our family even more in the future too. and i come from a large italian family who are just so crazy you can’t help but adore them and want to be with them more. the friends i keep close are the ones that are like my family. i will have them forever. much love to all my family & friends.

G is for GOOGLE. those who know me know my answer for everything is “google it”. i believe this is one of my most common phrases. and i put my faith in google. i google absolutely everything. i could teach a class on how to google. it’s a truly wonderful thing.
H is for HARRY POTTER. yes, i am obsessed with this as well. you will notice throughout this encyclopedia of my life that i have many quirky obsessions. i always loved the movies but just recently came to read the books while on maternity leave. this in turn lead to me and my sister-in-law, yvette, standing in line at midnight to get our copy of the 7th and final harry potter book. we were both 26 years old at the time. and i’m not ashamed of it. harry potter is awesome!

stay tuned for part 2 of the encyclopedia of me…

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