Part 2: Encyclopedia of Me

i thru r

I is for iPod. i love this thing. mine is pink and tim got it for me last christmas. i absolutely love it. it is mine and so programmed just for me. it’s one of my *can’t live without* things. tim stole my video one but i am quite fond of my pink one that took it’s place. it suits me much better.
J is for JERSEY. recently tim and i have had a jersey fettish. i suppose we are just too excited about football season. currently i have 2 eli manning jerseys (one is pink) and a texans jersey. tim has an a&m jersey and a texans jersey and is looking to get a bronco’s jersey soon and karys even have an eli manning and an a&m jersey as well! i tell you – we are the ultimate football family here!

K is for KARYS. she is my everything. and she has many nicknames including “punkin”, “punk-a-doodle”, “punkin-butt”, etc. you get the point. she is my little punkin always and forever. not sure why she got the other names, they just fell in line behind punkin i guess. i don’t know what i would do without my little princess. i love her more than i could ever express in words in any encycopedia so i’ll just leave it at that.

L is for LUNDY. i was a lundy my whole life growing up and since my dad didn’t have any boys (just 3 of us girls!), i even kept it as part of my name. yes, my legal name is stephanie marie-lundy daugherty. i believe i have the longest name in the world. or at least among anyone i know! but i just couldn’t part with it. i’ll always be a lundy. but i am loving being a daugherty too. no worries! :)

M is for MIRACLES. miracles happen every day. friends you wouldn’t expect, pregnancies that came at just the right time, people in your lives to life you up. god gives us each so many things that we sometimes take for granted and overlook. but many of these are miracles, a little gift from god. so take the time now to say thank you!

N is for NEW THINGS. i love new things! new cars, new clothes, new shoes, new babies, new friends, new jobs, new pets! the key is to always love the old ones just as much and appreciate them as well. i will never forget about my old things, no matter how much i love my new things!

O is for OFFICE. i love my office. i love my job. i love the industry. i love my team. i love the majority of the people i work with. i am very grateful to be in a job i truly enjoy!

P is for POOL. even though this summer was mainly filled with rain and cloudy days, we still are in love with our pool and have faith that we’ll get to use it more in the years to come! it’s just nice laying on our floats and holding hands on a warm summer day while the little one naps inside. there’s just something that feels quite perfect about it.

Q is for QUESTIONS. i am always asking tim the most random questions. mostly they are just bizarre ones that come out of no where. i love questions that there is really no answer for. i used to keep a list of them years ago and i have since lost it. but they have always fascinated me. i don’t know where they come from, but they are intriguing. and i think they keep tim on his toes!

R is for READING. i love to read…even though there isn’t much time for it! when i was on bedrest and maternity leave i read a lot. but my favorite reading time is when tim reads to karys. it melts my heart…

to be continued…. coming up: part 3

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