ashley’s birthday is this month (october 30th) but i thought to help celebrate a little early i’d make a list of 17 fabulous reasons i love her so much (besides the fact that she is my littlest sister and i have to that is)

*she makes me laugh every time i see her
*she’s a beautiful person – both inside and out
*she’s not afraid to stand up for herself, no matter how hard the situation may be
*even with her busy schedule, she makes everyone around her feel special
*she is great with karys and karys absolutely adores her
*she loves her family more than words can describe and it shows
*she is not afraid to go after what she wants, even if that means having to try again in a year
*she is the absolute worst singer i know, but isn’t afraid to share it (quite loudly!) with the world
*she is one of the few that genuinely cares and will take care of you
*her hopes of one day reaching 5 feet tall have not diminished despite her years
*she is a spectacular dancer and it makes me so proud to watch her
*she takes delight in the small things (she’s easily amused)
*despite having the loudest family on the planet, she has somehow managed to stay quiet
*she is a private person and does not put her problems on the world but only on those she trusts *when i disappoint her she does not hold a grudge or even get angry
*she is one of the most carefree people i know but somehow manages to still be responsible too
*that she always manages to get what she wants, even when the odds are against her :)

happy birthday “munch”!
i am so glad you were born 17 years ago!
i love you bunches!!

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