Day #1

So today I am starting the South Beach Diet. Now that the baby weight is off, I need to tackle the “married weight” I’ve put on over the past 3+ years. Especially with the holidays coming up soon (only 63 days until Christmas)!! Ideally I’d like to drop about 20 pounds… Realistically we’ll see how that actually turns out! Tim is excited though because last time I tried this diet I cooked some great meals and he enjoyed them immensely – since I’m usually not much use in the kitchen! I tend to think the kitchen is more for decorating than for cooking! Unfortunately though, my brain was not working this morning and I forgot to weigh so I’ll just have to go by what I weighed in at yesterday for my starting point! Oops!

I have great hopes to exercise too but we know how that usually turns out so I can’t make any promises there! We bought Karys a seat for the back of our bikes (yes, we are that family!) and I have my elliptical upstairs that is all ready to go!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck! I hope you are successful! I love my carbs way too much.

  2. YAY!
    I gave you some props on my Inner Health Nutt blog… and added your link!
    Check it out!

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