I Feel Naked…

Tim has my mobile phone today because he “lost” his. And since he is driving around at lunch and running errands, etc, there’s a need for him to have it. Of course, on the way to work this morning, we realize that it’s just sitting in my car at the house from last night. Lovely!

Granted I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to but there is just something calming about knowing you have it if you want it. What if I need it for something? I miss it – it sits next to me on my desk all day at work and now it’s not there! *sniff*


  1. Well Stephanie I know you miss your phone, but really you don’t seem to get my calls…I know
    that I can always reach you if I call Tim…I love you!!! :)

  2. yeah… thats kinda true… hahaha but I know that you mean about feeling naked without it!!

  3. You both missed my point – it’s IF I need it. I just rarely call people – I’m not a phone person! And Mom, you don’t even answer your phone! :)

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