Part 3: Encyclopedia of Me ~ The Finale!

s thru z

S is for STEPHANIE. i’m 26 years old, married to the most handsome, wonderful & brilliant guy i know and i have a spectacular little girl on top of that! i have a great dog, a great job…i am so happy with my life (sorry if that makes some of you throw up!!) but i truly am. i have cut out all the negativity and overall drama from my life and am where i have always wanted to be.

T is for TIM. he is the most handsome, wonderful and brilliant guy that i know. he is a fabulous father. he is my rock. he is 5 hours younger than me. he makes me laugh hysterically, he makes me happy, he makes me feel so loved. i love him and cannot live without him. i guess one could say i’m a bit obsessed with him! 😉

U is for UNBREAKABLE BONDS. sometimes they are family. sometimes they are friends. but they are solid, strong and virtually unbreakable. nothing and no one can ever come between them. and there is a huge comfort in that.

V is for VACATION. i love going on vacation. whether it’s a weekend at the beach or traveling across the country. i just love to go places. there’s something relaxing and exciting about the new experiences to be had while on vacation. i just love it all! the purple states are the ones i’ve currently been too and the red one is chicago (where i’m going march 08)!! yay!

W is for WEBSITES. i love checking on websites – most especially are the baby websites of all my family and friends. i love learning what is going on when i can’t be there and watching the little ones grow. it’s really special and it’s really a wonderful thing to be able to share with people.

Y is for YAHOO FANTASY FOOTBALL. it’s what we look forward to all year – football season!! it’s simply fabulous! i love being on the the only girls in the league (when i’m not losing). i love the competition, the rooting for teams, the knowledge, the drive behind it all. it’s just spectacular!
Z is for ZZZZZZZZ’s. there’s nothing quite like a good night of sleep! thankfully, we are able to get one a lot with our little angel! she sleeps 12 hours a lot of the time! it’s fantastic!

okay, so that’s the end of my encyclopedia. i guess i’m supposed to tag people now. so i tag anyone who feels like taking enough time to do it! i look forward to reading anyone’s encyclopedia!


  1. That was an amazing series of posts! Reading each letter just reminds me how lucky I am to have you and our baby girl in my life every day. I love you now and forever Stephanie Marie-Lundy Daugherty!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!…that picture of you and Jamie in MY BEACH DRESSES….I know ya’ll were fixing to go out in them…I cracked up when I saw that picture.

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