Perfect Week: Giants Win & Cowboys Lose!

i just thought i’d take a minute to share my joy. my beloved giants won 31-10 tonight!! it was their 4th consecutive victory overall and they now hold an impressive record of 4-2, putting them only one game behind dallas in the nfc east. eli manning was absolutely fantastic and put up some impressive numbers, breaking some of his own personal records!!

on another great note – how ’bout them cowboys? hahaha! much to my delight, it looks like my least favorite team in the entire league finally got what was coming to them. they just couldn’t hold it together up against the brady bunch sunday afternoon. (to some of you i may sound harsh, but i actually do have a whole slew of reasons i cannot stand this team)

this has been my absolute favorite week thus far of the season. may there be many more like this to come!


  1. Not a Giants fan, but I love to see the Cowboys lose! Shouldn’t you be a Texans fan??

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