Thursday Thirteen

~ Quirky Little Things About Me ~

* I check and recheck my alarm several times before bed to make sure it is really set.
* When I’m alone and sleepy while driving, I will scream long, shrill, blood-curling screams to help wake myself up. It’s kind of scary actually…
* I make up very odd names for my daughter as pet names such angel-butt, pumpkin-butt, putunkin, etc.
* I am obsessed with calendars and love writing in all birthdays, dinner plans, appointments, anything!
* I am crazy about blogging now that I’ve discovered it!
* I like to eat popsicles when I’m freezing cold
* If my kitchen is not clean, it irritates me and I cannot enjoy anything else until it’s been cleaned.
* I’m a recovering shopoholic – my credit card numbers are memorized for online orders!
* I get very excited about the little things.
* I can justify any “want” I have and turn it into a “need” and make a successful case for it – just ask my hubby!
* I am crazy obsessed with my lipgloss – if I carry only one thing, it’s got to be my NYC lipgloss! I even have a backup in my pencil holder at work!
* I always crave peanut butter at work. I keep it in my desk drawer to eat every day. Yet I never want to eat it on the weekends.
* I am utterly fascinated with hurricanes & love to track them. I don’t like the death & devastation that comes with them – I am just totally amazed with how powerful Mother Nature can become!


  1. You are one quirky girl! But at least you are pretty too :)

  2. You are a bit “peanutty” aren’t you?!?!

  3. Oh My… we have a ton in common!
    Not the hurricanes though, SCARY!
    I am a PB-aholic.. good thing South Beach lets us have it!

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