What Happens When…

What happens when you try to get that *perfect* picture with your little one?
My sister, Rachel, and I tried to get a “perfect” picture with Karys last night. Here’s a short story on how it’s almost impossible to do…

Take One: Baby Makes Funny Face

Take Two: Baby Drools on Mommy
Take Three: Laughter ensues over the drool incident
Take Four: Baby has eyes closed

Take Five: Sisters Laughing, Baby Finally Smiles
(in other words – as good as it’s gonna get!)

Thank goodness for digital cameras!


  1. I love it!!!!
    You and your sis look so much a like!
    Karys is a doll… I wish yall lived close so we could get the kiddos together to play!

  2. Hilarious! She is adorable! Whoever took those pictures is an awesome photographer…

  3. Are you ladies related or something….geez, y’all look alike! We’ve got some family pictures like that, too! Seriously, what did we do before digital cameras?

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