100 Things About Me

1. I am Italian (technically only half – mom’s side)
2. My sisters and I have matching tattoos
3. I love peanut butter
4. I am the most impatient person you may ever meet
5. My daughter is my whole world
6. I still crush on my husband
7. I am a huge football fan (NY Giants!)
8. I am a Texas Girl – born & raised
9. My favorite number is 3.
10. “I’m All Out of Love” is always stuck in my head
11. I have become obsessed with blogging
12. I am crazy obsessed with anything Christmas
13. I have a newly formed huge crush on Tim Daly (Private Practice)
14. I love, love Cosmopolitans!! Yum!
15. Pink & Black are my favorite colors
16. I always need to have a project
17. I have brown eyes but wear blue contacts most of the time
18. I am older than Tim by only 5 hours
19. I cannot survive without my Mom – she’s my BFF :)
20. I never return phone calls – sorry, bad habit!
21. I want 3 kids now and used to not want any
22. I have hitch-hiker thumbs – they bend ALL the way back flat
23. I am a master manipulator :)
24. I am addicted to shopping and spending money
25. I never drank coffee regularly until I had a baby
26. I regret dropping out of dance years ago
27. I’m scared of being put on bedrest again
28. I really don’t like exercising much at all
29. I feel out of place in the country, I’m a city girl all the way.
30. I’d pick the ocean over mountains any day
31. I have a second piercing in each ear
32. I don’t enjoy cooking much at all
33. I love to bake things in the fall
34. I love to host stuff at our house
35. Last year I put my Christmas tree up in October (see #12)
36. I always spend more than the limit Tim gives me
37. I have Date Nights with my hubby every weekend after Karys is in bed
38. I always cry the first night Tim is gone out of town
39. I wish I was taller than 5′ 3″
40. My best friend lives in San Diego and I miss her like crazy
41. I keep a notebook to write down crazy thoughts in
42. I have a great poker face – playing ditzy always works!
43. I love the smell of matches
44. I watch Men in Trees religiously
45. I always remember dates, anniversaries and names
46. I am calendar happy – I write everything down
47. I love to read but don’t do it as much as I’d like to
48. Three people in my life have betrayed my personal trust.
49. I do not have the best of tempers.
50. My second toe is longer than my first.
51. I believe toenails should always be painted a shade of red
52. I have been to 14 of the 50 States
53. I don’t like driving the same car for more than 2 years
54. I get bored really fast.
55. I have a glitter obsession. Love the sparkly!!
56. I have shoes in my closet I’ve never worn before
57. About 20% of my clothes still have tags on them
58. I live in Houston but have about 10 winter coats
59. I love countdowns to anything!
60. My parents are still married
61. I hate feather pillows – I only like down ones.
62. I actually like being a working mom :)
63. I’m one of the few people who truly loves their job
64. I didn’t mind being pregnant until bedrest
65. I made my family’s stockings myself
66. I am a Sagittarius
67. I’m not afraid to speak up for myself
68. Carrie Bradshaw made my shoe fetish worse
69. I have two framed puzzles in my formal dining
70. I am really competitive & can be a sore loser
71. I get scared really easily
72. White roses & stargazer lilies are my favorite flowers
73. My favorite perfume is Amarige
74. I prefer even #’s to odd ones (wedding date, time, etc)
75. I have to have my lipgloss at all times.
76. A candlelit bubble bath is my favorite way to relax
77. My favorite ice cream is Homemade Vanilla
78. I like colored Kleenex better than the white ones
79. I always forget the end to movies
80. I will not eat hot dogs, I hate them
81. I have Keratoconus (eye disorder)
82. I never had blood drawn til I was pregnant
83. My first plane ride was at 17 years old
84. I performed at Epcot with my drill team
85. I make lists for everything, including the hubby!
86. I have a very low alcohol tolerance (ie cheap date!)
87. I live on the same street as my mom & dad (see #19)
88. I’ve never broken a bone
89. I totalled my car the year I got married (my precious Miata)
90. I hate skiing & once cried all the way down a mountain
91. The only kind of shopping I hate is grocery shopping
92. I seriously think Stephen Tyler is sexy
93. I love listening to Kid Rock
94. I am annoyingly relentless when I want something
95. My favorite thing from Starbucks is Caramel Apple Cider
96. I have a scar on my left knee from where I had stitches
97. I say the ABC’s when I’m washing my hands to make sure they’re clean
98. Only 3 people close to me know all my secrets (Tim, Rachel & Jaime)
99. I like the house to be picked up/clean before I go to bed
100. I’m pretty cranky without a full 7-8 hours of sleep


  1. I don’t think I ever knew so much about you! What is your tattoo, and where?

  2. Awwww
    6. I still crush on my husband
    98. Only 3 people close to me know all my secrets (Tim, Rachel & Jaime)

    Couldn’t have put it any better
    23. I am a master manipulator :)

    21. I want 3 kids now and used to not want any

    I LOVE your pillow!
    61. I hate feather pillows – I only like down ones.

    I will never play monopoly with you ever again!
    70. I am really competitive & can be a sore loser

    And you got me obsessed!
    93. I love listening to Kid Rock

  3. Whoa, three kids!!! Shouldnt you let me know that? I mean you do have a crush on me and all :) You may have to do some manipulation to pull that one off!!! Love you!

  4. You and I have quite a few things in common!

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