And On Day 4, She Rested…

I am happy to report that I went running again last night for my 3rd time this week. Usually I give up on things like this (“this” meaning exercise) but I have not done that and I do not intend too. Last night, Tim was too sore to run, so Rachel went with me. Sorry – there are no funny stories to report this time though! I was, however, more sore this time and did not get to run as much as I had hoped too but I did power-walk in between runs to keep my heart rate up. Overall I think I did well but I’m glad for a day of rest tonight. Tomorrow I’ll go again and it will be 4 times this week – which is my goal per week! Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll start to see some results.

The best part of Day 3 though? That would be a fabulous evening in the hot tub with the hubby to help soothe our muscles and a glass of wine to celebrate! It was also cold outside so that made it even more perfect!

And as a treat today, Ariana and I are going shopping this afternoon at the Galleria. Very excited about that!! Hopefully we’ll find some spectacular dresses for the upcoming Christmas Party :)


  1. I hope you find a beautiful dress! Make sure to take lots of pictures and enjoy your day of resting.

  2. hey, how come I didnt get to take a swim in the hot tub?? I went running too! haha just kidding :) sorry you didnt find a dress today… We can go shopping sometime soon too because I need a dress for the ballet!!

  3. I hope day 4 of the week went well and you ran your little well-rested butt off!

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