Day #2 – Running Diaries

Last night we went running again. Running with Brinks was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Although, we did run into just a few problems along the way, I was able to run more this time without the weight of the stroller and was really happy about that – I definitely feel like I got more of a work out. And for those of you wondering, no there was no more moaning – thank goodness!

The first problem was that my pants kept wanting to fall down, so between carrying my iPod and holding Brinks’ leash, I would try to pull my pants up and I must admit that I looked quite silly doing it! Now, these pants are apparently fine when you are lounging around but they are obviously not meant for running. Tim ended up taking Brinks so that I could pull up my sagging pants easier. Upon getting home, I was feeling much better than the night before and then all of a sudden it happens – my calf muscle cramps up and I literally cannot stand on my leg anymore!

I spent most of the night on the couch freaking out that I had seriously injured myself. Tim was great and took care of Karys so that I could lay around and whine about how pitiful my new injury was. He’s so great like that! This morning my calf muscle was fine and I can now walk on it. And yes, I am still wearing my heels today. For those of you who think that might be stupid, I just want to let you know that I don’t own shoes that do not have some sort of heel, so it’s not like I have a choice here. Plus, it really does help with pain in my calf muscles, just not my shins :)

So after 2 nights of running, I decided to try out my “reliable” scale again. Apparently Mr. Scale had a hard time deciding if I had gained 1/2 lb or if I had lost 1/2 lb or if I had lost 1 lb. We decided, after much frustration, that we would most certainly be parting ways after this weekend. Since the numbers weren’t as bad as yesterday, I decided to spare it a dunk in my pool though. Maybe I’ll move him upstairs if he is lucky – it all depends on his numbers up until this weekend :)

I would like to go running again tonight since I won’t be able to go tomorrow night. My goal is 4 times a week and technically I only have 3 nights left this week to run 2 more times. I may end up going alone though because Tim was complaining of being sore this morning. So we’ll see. But maybe I’ll stop and get some new pants on the way home – I can’t be looking any more crazy out there!

So be proud – I’m not giving up yet and I have now run 2 days in a row. Go me!



  1. Congrats on sticking with it! I’m glad you aren’t nearly as sore! I’m sure your scale is appreciative of you not dunking him.

  2. Oh steph… you crack me up! Yes, buy a new scale (I dont like that one either) and YES buy some new pants!! then tonight we can go running together!! I need to start getting back into it so we can keep each other motivated! Maybe Tim can watch Karys though – not sure I want to run with the extra weight considering I havent ran in about a year…

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