Happy Early Birthday To ME!

Every year I seem to get my birthday present from Tim early for two reasons:

1) I am just really impatient & give him every reason I can think of as to why I need to have it early
2) Tim is too excited to keep it for the extra few days until my actual birthday

But getting it early does NOT make my actual birthday any less special like some people might think. I always still have a great day! I hadn’t thought too much about my gift until I SAW A PRESENT wrapped in birthday paper under the Christmas Tree. Then it was just over. You have no idea the excitement that takes over when I see my wrapped birthday gifts from Tim. He ALWAYS gets me something incredible. So of course, I start listing all the reasons why I should have it early and he keeps saying no.

I ended up having not so great of a night – and you wouldn’t either if you sisters dog lifted it’s leg and peed on your brand new $180 boots – that you were wearing at the time!! Ugh! Anyway, Tim brings me my present and tells me he was going to give it to me anyway. Yay! I rip through the pretty paper and get to a box, then to another box…until finally there it is!! The purse that I have been obsessing over! I LOVE IT! I have the best hubby in the world!
So now it’s only 3 days until my birthday (Dec 3rd) and I am just even more excited!

Thank you, Baby, for being the most incredible husband and for the most awesome birthday gift. And of course for keeping our tradition alive of giving it to me early!


  1. WTG, Tim! Nice bag! I like I would have caused some bodily harm to the doggy! That would have peeved me!

  2. I can’t believe the dog peed on the expensive boots you were wearing!!
    Nice purse! I’m glad you got your present early. :)

  3. Sorry for Vito’s peeing incident… :( but I LOVE your purse! :) You arent getting the present from me until your REAL birthday! maybe I will make you wait an extra day! hahaha JK!

  4. Love the purse. Happy Birthday (early). I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, they are the BEST because it is ALL about YOU! :-)

  5. Just stopped by your blog via Splat Designs. Very cute bloggity look!

    Happy Birthday! Love the purse!
    Heather@ http://texasaggiesinfl.blogspot.com

  6. OH, I am a HUGE fan of that bag!
    How do you get to use a small bag with a kiddo? I havent mastered that yet!

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