Happy Halloween!

These are some of my new favorite pictures from Halloween last night…

Karys Laughing at My Dad
Jacob (who is dressed as Baby Einstein – check out his hair!) and Karys after Jacob dumped out the whole bowl of candy at his house! He lives across the street and is one of the other two children Miss Yvonne keeps. Him and Karys are buds :)
Karys before we went trick-or-treating!
Me, Karys & My Beautiful Momma :)
Me and My Gorgeous Little Sister, Ashley
Ashley, Karys & Me
Good Job, Ashley! You have to smile! :) Hehe!
We have a ton more pictures but these are just a few of my favorite ones with my family. I’ll post a lot more on my family blog page today if you want to see them there!


  1. hahaha – I am cracking up at Ashley’s face in the last picture! hahaha!!

  2. Great picture!!! but what up with my little drill team member not smiling….she looks so much like you…I have beautiful daughters.

  3. What a SWEET little Lady bug!

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