It’s Christmas Time!

Yay! It’s officially Christmas Season!

I Love…

brisk weather
christmas songs!!

winter coats
sweater dresses
karys in tights
the nutcracker ballet
christmas trees
christmas lights
christmas shopping
wrapping paper
scents of baking and spices
christmas eve at nana’s
christmas specials on tv
hot chocolate
apple cider – mmmm!
general hustle & bustle
decorated stores
cold football games
christmas parties
santa clause
christmas commercials
peppermint & gingerbread lattes
winter colors
longer nights
drinking wine by the fireplace
bundling up


  1. Oh how i agree! Christmas is my favorite! i love it all.

  2. My aunt taught me how to make the fancy bow and I just kind of made up the last two. Maybe I’ll post a bow making tutorial. How does that sound? :)
    They’re easy to make.

  3. I’m a fan, too, but there are some things I could do without (hustle and bustle)…I love the gingerbread lattes, ciders and hot chocolate!

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