I’m having one of those “why me?!” weekends. I feel like this will maybe be a funny story to tell down the road but that it’s certainly not that way right now. Tim left yesterday morning around 9am for Orlando until Tuesday night for work. I had woken up with a somewhat sore throat but assumed it was from the ceiling fan being on the night before. As the day wears on, I get really tired, like I can barely keep my eyes open. So I finally decide to take my temperature. Yeah, it’s like 101.16! Seriously!?

Keep in mind that my child has been having a running nose like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life since Friday and can barely breathe herself. So what do I do? I start crying and call my mom. I’m scared because I don’t want Karys to get sick and Tim is not home to help. My mom says to call the dr so they can call me in a prescription and that she will come take Karys for the rest of the day and bring her back at bedtime. So her and my dad drive over (from all the way down the street – a whole 0.7 miles) and take my baby girl with them. I start crying again because I feel like I’m a bad mom who can’t take care of her own kid when she is sick. My mom told me to take a bath and rest because it sounded like I might have strep throat. So I did. My fever finally was down to 99.1 by the time Karys came home around 8pm.
Also, the stupid on-call doctor never called me back. So this morning I wake up with the WORST sore throat. I cannot swallow at all but I don’t have a fever (I’m now at 98.6). So I feel okay, just really tired. Finally after my 5th attempt, I get the dr to call me back and call me out a prescription. When Karys wakes up from her nap, I fed her lunch and then pack her up and we head out to CVS to pick it up. About 5 minutes after we get home, Karys screams and starts crying. I pick her up and she is burning up! I take her temperature and low and behold – now her temperature is 101.3!! Seriously!?

So I give her some medicine, a bottle and rock her to sleep and am crossing my fingers that all of her symptoms are due to teething and not anything more serious. But I am SO tired! She’s napping right now and it’s a light nap (she keeps waking up crying). I just can’t believe all of this is seriously happening the day Tim leaves town and to both of us! My mom is making homemade chicken soup and bringing me some over tonight so hopefully tomorrow morning both Karys and I will be feeling much better…

Yes, I’m looking for a sympathy vote here…

Seriously!?! :(


  1. I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Hang in there! Tim will be back tomorrow. You know things like that always happen when you least want them too. I would be crying too.

    You have my sympathy vote. :)

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