Shopping Through the Sickness

Last night was the annual Ladies Night at the Ace Hardware by my house. They do this every year before Christmas time and discount their holiday items 20% off. I originally wasn’t going to go because I am still not feeling well but who can pass up an evening of free wine, free food and Christmas shopping?! So my mom picked me up and I went with her and my sister for about an hour or so. Tim gave me a generous limit (which of course I had no problem surpassing – but only a little bit). I bought the most gorgeous picks for our Christmas tree. This year I decided to do a frosty blue mixed with the silver on our flocked tree. I’m really excited to see it all put together! Here’s a few pictures from our Ladies Night…

Some of the picks – you can see the frosty blue color. Very sparkly too!
Mom & Rachel with their goodies!
They gave every lady a rose and a bag of gourmet coffee on the way out!
Rachel thinks I’m nuts for everything I bought…

I’m thinking this Frosty Blue might just be my new favorite color of the moment. I can’t wait to see my tree all put together now! It should be fabulous!


  1. Cool stuff! Even better that you get free wine and cheese! And, you get a discount!

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