Thursday 13

13 Things I Am Grateful For
in honor of Thanksgiving Day

1. My husband, and best friend, who supports me and loves me unconditionally
2. My daughter, who has brought me more joy than I thought possible
3. My dog, who is well behaved & loves us more than anything
4. My health, that sometimes gets taken for granted but I try not to
5. My job, that has afforded me great opportunities and great success
6. My family, who are loud & crazy but whom I could also not live without
7. My friends, who are all unique and special in their own way to me
8. My house, which allows us the space we need to expand our family
9. My mind, for without it I would not have nearly as full of a life
10. My neighbors, who are not only friends but watch over each other
11. My sitter, who loves my little girl almost as much as I do
12. My backyard, which is an oasis for us and a nice place to swim, sit or read
13. And finally, I am most thankful for our Lord – for without Him, I would have none of these things


  1. What a good list (and it’s specific, too, LOL!)

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