Thursday 13

13 Things Karys Is Doing Now

1. Saying DaDa
2. Waving Bye-Bye
3. Clapping
4. Crawling Everywhere
5. Pulling up on everything in sight
6. Walking along furniture
7. Drinking from Sippy Cups
8. Sharing her toys
9. Teething
10. Eating Table Food
11. Pointing at what she wants
12. Putting her hands up for us to pick her up (so cute!)
13. Standing Alone – yay!!


  1. All such cute things! I might have to steal this idea for mine today as I didn’t have one!

  2. I love how she puts her hands up to be picked up :) she loves me just as much as I love her :) haha

  3. this is such a fun stage! she’s around the age I work with at work. The arms in the air is my favorite thing!
    and your 2nd bow movie is commin soon. I just have to wait until there’s someone at my house with me to tape me! hopefully tonight when i get home from work. :)

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