Thursday Thirteen

13 Silly Things That Scare Me

1. Bees!!

2. Needles (having blood taken or IV’s, etc)
3. Childbirth (yep, still scares me…)
4. Pain or knowing pain is coming
5. Getting lost when I’m by myself
6. Being chased (even by the hubby in broad daylight!!)
7. Scary Movies (won’t watch them)
8. Haunted Houses (no way…)
9. Storms (but only when I’m alone)
10. Heights (this is kind of a new fear of mine)
11. Turning 30 (I know it’s petty but it’s on my list)
12. Forgetting to take my birth control (happens way too often!)
13. Elevators (when they make weird noises for no reason!)


  1. YIKES! Number 12! Of course the possible result of that is totally awesome!

  2. Heights… that IS new!! When did that happen??

  3. hahahaha
    12 is a HUGE one for me!

    I just added the Phase 2 food list!

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