Vomity Baby

Today was what one might call DISASTER! Karys and I were all set to go to my moms work, my work and Tim’s work. I had to pick up something at my office and my mom wanted us to stop by and see her at work and so did Tim. I had all of Karys’ stuff packed and ready to go and right after I fed her breakfast, we were off! And wouldn’t you know that I wasn’t paying attention on the freeway and I totally missed the HOV entrance!! So Karys and I were stuck on I-10 traffic for a good extra 25 minutes! Ugh! Karys was upset that she was not able to play after breakfast and had whined the second I put her in the car. I even turned on Christmas music hoping that would cheer her up. Nope!

So we finally get within 2 blocks of my mom’s work and by this time, Karys is screaming. Well, she did it. She screamed and worked herself up SO much that she vomited all over. And when I say “vomit” I mean, she didn’t spit up. I mean, she is covered from her hair, body, shoes and socks in the lovely cereal and peaches she had just had about an hour before. Upon opening the door to get my vomity little girl, I am not sure where exactly to start. She is covered in a sticky mess and it is grossly humid outside but I can’t be mad because she just is looking at me with those big brown eyes as if to say “Help Me, Mom”. So I try my best to wipe her up with whatever wipes I have with me. After I take her clothes off and take her out of the carseat, I see that there is in fact a PUDDLE of this lovely vomit there. Nice. Now what?!

So my mom comes down and changes her while I try to tend to the carseat mess. Now, I had been prepared for spit up and whatnot and had packed an extra onesie and all, but I had not been prepared for her entire breakfast over her entire body and carseat. So the only extra “outfit” I have for her was a summer outfit, which was a bit more “summer” than what today’s weather was like. Nonetheless, it’s all we had. After trying my best to wash her carseat out in the bathroom, we take her in my mom’s office and walk her around. All the while I am trying to explain I am not a bad mom who dresses their child in tank tops in November… Thank goodness she smelled like the baby lotion I carry with me at all times! Whew!

Of course, with a wet carseat and no weather-appropriate clothes, I decide to head back home rather than the other two places I had intended on visiting. And wouldn’t you know, the child sleeps ALL THE WAY back home. Nice huh? So I get her home, and set her on the floor while I run a bath.

And I ask….how could you be angry with a face like this looking up at you? :) Notice the nice little contraption of clothes thrown together! Haha!


  1. Oh, no! Poor Karys and mommy! Fortunately, we’ve never had that happen, but I’m sure we’re due! You can’t be mad at a face like that…that’s why God makes them so dang cute!

  2. She is so adorable… poor little girl… no one thinks you are a bad mommy! that is pretty gross – I’m surprised you didnt vomit yourself! Looks like motherhood has changed you! I remember you couldnt even handle a little spit up Brinks had once! haha :) I’m sure today will be better for both of you girls!

  3. I am sorry you had to deal with that mess by yourself! But you are definitely a new woman since you cleaned it up without getting sick yourself!!

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