You Really Read the Terms?!

So a little earlier I was helping my friend out on uploading a picture of some sort. I took her to Photobucket for the photo hosting site, as one was required. She didn’t want to check the box that said “I agree to the Terms Agreement” because she hadn’t read it. It took me a minute…wait, you read those?! She proceeds to explain to me that she reads EVERY terms agreement and goes on about why, etc. I mean, I sign up for tons of hosting websites and have never sat and read those agreements – they are forever long and in tiny print in my defense! We get to the part where it asks for her cell phone number. She very reluctantly enters it. Long story short – it ended up signing her up for a $9.99/month service that she had to go back and look into on how to cancel! Oops!! And this was all on my great advice!! So she cancelled and hopefully she won’t get charged. Yes, I told her I’d cover it though if it did :)

But what a sneaky little advertisement they throw in there! Ugh! So my question I guess is whether people actually read these service agreements. I mean, it never ONCE occurred to me to read them. My friend proceeds to ask me if I had learned my lesson but I’m still unconvinced and think it was a fluke accident. I don’t see my lazy self taking the time to actually read them still. And I have a hard time believing everyone else reads them all the time too.


  1. I never read them and I’ve never been signed up for anything. I didn’t have to enter my cell number for photobucket, either….that’s a little bizarre.

  2. I never read them… OPPS!
    I didn’t have to enter anything but a name and email for photobucket… that is strange!

  3. Don’t worry, I never read them either. I think you just have a weirdo friend. haha! :)

  4. And don’t worry, the wire ribbon video will be coming soon!

  5. Found you through Erin. I LOVE your blog! So fun!

  6. nope! never read them! do I know this friend??

  7. That’s fine, don’t learn your lesson & keep ignoring what you agree to…I guess you’ll have me on retainer one day. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a discount…b/c I know you’ll read my terms.

  8. Nope – I’ve tried but who can understand what you’re reading when you do read it.

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