Bitter is Fabulous!

So I have to mention this book, Bitter is the New Black. After reading this blog, my mother-in-law tells me that my writing reminds her of Jen Lancaster. Ummm….who is Jen Lancaster? I’d never heard of her. So my MIL passes me on the info to Jen Lancaster’s Blog. Let me just say, this lady is HILARIOUS! I’m flattered that my MIL thought I was so witty, but I’m really nothing like this lady. After reading her blog for a few weeks and my MIL telling me how great it was, I finally broke down and ordered her book, Bitter is the New Black.

Having a baby at home at night does not afford me much time to read. Yeah, I read over 70 pages of this book last night! I could NOT put it down. I read it this morning before work and I read it AT work before my 7am work time officially starts. This lady literally has me laughing out loud! Granted, I’m not very far yet, but I’m hooked and I cannot get enough of her.

But if you are looking for a great read that catches you from the beginning, you need to read this book!! Or at least read her blog. She’s literally one of the funniest women I’ve never actually met!


  1. I love a good book! Maybe I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

  2. I might have to pick it up..or if you are finished in a couple weeks, I could borrow it from you!

  3. You are EVERY BIT AS GOOD as Jen Lancaster, and I am happy you are enjoying her book. It is hysterical, isn’t it? I know at times when I was reading it, I was laughing so hard I was crying! And I did it in public a few times, too!

    Enjoy it! And keep up the good work on your blog. It ROCKS!

    Love you,
    MIL (I love this toooooo!)

  4. ooohhh your blog is so pretty! I just ordered both of her books from amazon and I can’t wait!

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