Cheers To 24 Years!

Happy Birthday To My Little Sister, Rachel!
She’s 24 years old today! So here’s a list of 24 reasons I love her so much! :)

1. She is my best friend & knows everything about me
2. She’s never afraid to speak her mind
3. She’s got a great sense of style!
4. She loves Karys so much and Karys adores her too!
5. She is THE single most organized person I know
6. She has the longest “short” stories I know (besides my dad)
7. She loves Christmas villages as much as I do
8. Despite the worst luck ever, she still manages to be positive
9. She is beautiful inside and out
10. She’s generally very financially savvy
11. She is easily excited and very bubbly about things
12. She cracks me up
13. She has a great heart – she loves in a big way
14. She will admit when she is wrong (unlike myself a lot)
15. When she is mad at me, I know it!
16. She’s an extremely loyal person
17. She’s a very passionate person
18. She’s not afraid to call me out on something
19. That she “spies” for Tim on gift ideas & thinks I don’t know
20. She’s girly but isn’t afraid to get dirty (camping, etc)
21. She’s dedicated and hard working at her job
22. She’s dedicated to school & rarely misses a class
23. She really believes she gave birth to her dog – big love!
24. She sends me daily SATC quotes b/c she knows how much I love them

Happy Birthday, Rachel!
I love you & hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. awww, thanks Steph! :) you brought tears to my eyes :) YAY for Birthdays!! and thanks again for my AMAZING background and header for my blog!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. HAPPY B-day Rach!
    Hope its a wonderful one!
    24 was a great year for me!!! Hope it is for you to!

  3. Happy Birthday, Rach! I hope it’s a good one!

    Steph-What a nice thing to do for your sister’s b-day!

  4. Sister love is the best. Hope she has an awesome day! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday Rachel!!

    by the way, I’ve been reading both of your blogs for a while now, and I had NO idea that you were sisters!

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