Flowers & Bows

This season I have been inspired to “make” more things. My mom and I saw a beautiful arrangement of flowers at Hobby Lobby the other weekend so we took it upon ourselves to make one (for a lot cheaper!). Here’s how it came out – I’m so happy with it and it looks really beautiful on the mantle.

And thanks to Erin and her fabulous bow-making skills and the lovely video she posted on her blog to show me how, I am now able to make gorgeous bows to go with Christmas gifts.

I can’t wait to get more presents to wrap! I love Christmas Time!


  1. I LOVE your mantle decoration! It is gorgeous. The bows are pretty, too. Could you send some spirit my way, I’m not feeling it!

  2. woo hoo!!! way to go steph! the bows are beautiful!

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