Happy Birthday…Upper 20’s Girl!

(December 3, 2004)

Well, it’s here. Today is my 27th birthday. I am officially “upper-20’s” now and no longer just in my mid-20’s. I don’t feel any older but there’s something about the number 27 that just sounds so much older than 26. It’s also a weird thing to think that I was just 17 years old when I started dating Tim…now there’s a whole new number in front of that 7! It’s sometimes crazy to look back and reflect when you think of it like that.

We had a great weekend though! Tim and I celebrated our birthday (his is tomorrow) at The Melting Pot Saturday night while his parents graciously watched the little one for us. Sunday we celebrated our birthday’s at my Nana’s and got some great gifts. All the while, I was still 26 years old still! People would ask me how old I was and I would truthfully say 26. Now I can’t and it’s a little weird.
Yes, I am always this weird with getting older. But it’s a great day, gorgeous & cold outside (just the way I like it!) and I’m looking forward to this evening when I’m back home with my family for a nice quiet family night. And maybe a bubble bath and a glass of wine for me! :)


  1. Those hats are great! I think you should bring them out again this year! You’re sooooo old now (I can say that for four more months!)!!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday GIRLIE! So it’s been a DECADE since you started dating Tim! Doesn’t that sound weird! :-)

    You look great. Enjoy your special day!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEH TEH!!!! Love you.. 27!!! AHHHHHH – haha

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday love!! And now I am just as OOOOOLLLLDDDD as you are!

  6. OH NO I missed your birthday
    I am so sorry!
    I wish we could all celebrate together!
    Do ya’ll ever come to Dallas?

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