Section 605 – Row F – Seats 14/15


Sunday afternoon our family went to the Texans game. There were 8 of us in one row. The tickets happened to be split up so that there were 4 of us, then another couple in between us and then the other 4 of us. My sister-in-law, Yvette, kindly asked if they would mind switching seats with us so our whole family could sit together. They told her no, they would not switch. Later, when Tim and I got there, he asked the man again (very politely) if they would mind switching with us and that they’d actually get the better deal since we had better seats closer to the middle of the field. He told Tim they didn’t want better seats and no he would not switch.

I’m a bit irritated at this point because I cannot believe these people. Who would act like that? For what reason? If I were in the middle of a family, I would gladly move – no question about it. And it’s the Christmas/Holiday season. Where was their spirit? Later, I was the only one while everyone else went to get drinks and I kindly asked the guy if he would mind if I sat by my sister, Yvette, who was on the other side of his wife. He looked at me coldy and said “Where are your seats?”. I said they are right here but I would gladly switch with him. He proceeded to tell me to “Sit down and shut up”. One, I was already sitting and two – whoa! He just told me to shut up? I wasn’t even being rude! I just sat back and waited for Tim & Heath to get back.

Tim was pissed that the guy said that to me and called him out on it. The guys lied and said he just asked me to be quiet. Yeah, whatever… Anyway, we start watching the game again when the lady pulls out CHRISTMAS CARDS and starts addressing them! REALLY!?!? Oh yes, she did. So at this point I kind of lost it and said, “You are really going to write Christmas cards, not watch the game, but you won’t let me sit with my family?” She had no reply other than that she was going to go get the cops because I was harassing her. I told her she should do that then.

Long story short, a cop comes over and talks to a few of us and asks if there is a problem and then he goes away. No big deal. But later we walk out and people are asking us if we got kicked out. We explain what happened and some of the people were just in shock at this couple. I think a couple of them were hassling them a bit after we left too! Haha!

But honestly, I have never encountered such rude people during a sporting event – or ever really in general. I think they honestly just did it to be mean. There was no other reason. Our seats were better and there was no reason not to move. It made literally no sense. I guess they got a kick out of being rude or something.

So if you are ever at Reliant Stadium for a Texans game and you are in Section 605, Row F and you see the people in seats 14 & 15 – beware that these two have hearts of stone. I didn’t get a picture of the man, but here was the lady in this picture when I took a picture of Steve & Yvette.


  1. Holy $hit!!! I’m pissed for you. I don’t even know what I would have done. That lady looks like a total “B.” I might have said “I hope you have a Merry Christmas…maybe Santa will pull out whatever is up your butt.” If somebody would have told me to shut up, I would’ve LOST IT!! Oh, and how mature of them to call the cops. They were going to move, what, 4 seats over…I’m sorry that doesn’t even make a difference in a HUGE stadium like that!

    Okay, that might win me the award for the longest comment, EVER!

  2. I’m kind of shocked that you didn’t lose your shit when he told you to shut up. I bet you needed a drink after that…to spill on his ass! I hope that y’all talked over them the entire game at least.

  3. Girl, that is terrible. What is with these people. I am going to the game on Thursday. I can only hope I am not next to Mr. and Mrs. Grinchy Poo Whoo. The nerve. I would’ve went off but not dumped my drink on them, nobody is worth the waste of an $8.00 beer. ha ha. At least the Texans won. This week is BRONCOS vs. TEXANS!!! I can’t wait.

  4. I would have taken a TON of pics and yelled over them the WHOLE game! sure hope she doesnt call the cops on you for posting her picture! haha – what a B!!!!

  5. Nice upgrade…festive Christmas header, too! Did you get your Christmas present early?

  6. NO WAY! it’s hard for me to believe that there are actually people like that.
    I’m speechless!

  7. Seriously? Seriously!!! That is outrageous. The gall of some people. Addressing the cards? THAT is when you need to give up the season tickets!

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