Thursday Thirteen

13 Things Currently On My Desk
(kudos to Krystyn, because I’m just not creative right now)

1. Five Calendars (b/c I’m crazy)
2. Ribbon Calculator
3. Christmas Lights :)
4. Presents :)
5. Tons of Pictures/Frames
6. Journal/Notebook
7. Two Lotions
8. Mobile Phone
9. Two Monitors
10. “Personal Best” Award (cause I’m awesome)
11. Desk Phone
12. Key Card / Badge
13. Banana (for breakfast)


  1. Congrats on your winter wonderland award!

    You have a calculator, too? HEHE….but, what’s a RIBBON calculator? Do you wrap presents at work? You should take a picture of your desk with all of it’s festiveness! Shoot, your desk is probably more decorated than my house:)

  2. Way to rock the cubicle. Gotta do something to stand out in cubicle warfare land. I love your Maxine card up there on the right. And, how could it be a desk without many Karys pictures??

  3. I don’t see a pic of me on your desk!!! :(


  4. I see 2 pics of me :) thanks!!! CUTE Chirstmas Lights… how festive of you!! :)

  5. Ha, that is hilarious that you completed this with actual pictures of your desk. You are one silly (and yes, awesome) gal.

  6. Don’t be mad, but I totally just stole your Thur 13 idea. :)
    I love the Christmas lights!! So festive.

  7. Great T13
    I am impressed with how organized you are!

  8. sounds fun and prepared for everything

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