Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Have To Do Between Now & Christmas

1. Make Cookies for Santa Claus

2. Pick up Stocking Stuffers
3. Get some last minute gifts
4. Go see “The Nutcracker” Ballet
5. Nana’s Christmas Party
6. Dye my hair (there are 7 grays!!)
7. Find Black Dress Shoes for Karys
8. Get nails & toes redone
9. Tan (I refuse to wear hose)
10. Run (too many yummy holiday goodies!!)
11. Dinner & Gift Exchange with Heath & Melissa
12. Have lunch & movie date with my husband :)
13. Wrap Presents


  1. 7. Target has some cute black shoes!
    6. 7 grays, huh…you crack me up!
    9. Tan….now I know your dirty little secret. Here I am thinking I’m just abnormally pasty!

    And lots of other fun stuff, too! You’ll be busy!

  2. You’ve got a lot to do in the next few days! Have fun running Christmas errands!

  3. I see more than 7 grays… hahaha JK!!!! :) I’ll go running and tanning with you!!!

  4. Kids and Hubby’s do help give you grays! I hate HATE hose also!!!!!!
    I am so jealous about the ballet and lunch date!
    Good luck with your list!

  5. 7 greys. Oh, dear. You didn’t warn me it was so hot. I showed up today with lots of long sleeved stuff! Guess I’ll wear them to avoid skeeters!

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