1st Text Message

My child is crazy obsessed with phones. It doesn’t matter to her if it’s a cordless home phone or a mobile phone – just so long as it’s a real phone.

She likes my mobile phone especially because it opens different ways (vertical or horizontal). Last night she was playing with it like she normally does (I’m angling for a new phone anyway so I let her play with this one) when Tim picks it up and says “Oh my gosh, Steph! She just sent a text message!”. I freak out a little because I have no idea who she sent what too.

Turns out she sent her very first text message to Rachel. What did it say you ask?

Yes, my child, the text messager. What next?


  1. We better start looking into an unlimited text plan soon…

  2. She will be messaging all before you know it chatting with all her friends and she’ll be like OMG, my BFF Rachel said I Luv U to a boy. WTF!!! Okay, maybe not the WTF but you get the idea. Too cute. I like the way you think in your angels! Problem is if I break mine I buy it. ha ha

  3. Aunt Rachel says:

    she is so cute! it is my favorite text message EVER!!! I have it locked so that I never erase it!!! and why dont you like your phone? we have the same one and I love mine!!

  4. Clever girls, both my kids manage to call people on a daily basis. Need to start locking that thing

  5. Omgoodness. That is the cutest story. She is growing up way too fast if she’s texting now! Haha! ;0

  6. that’s great!!
    I wonder if she would play with a toy cell phone?

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