The Bet

After hearing about a new diet approach on the morning radio show today (which involved giving “x” amount of money to a friend unless you lose 1 lb a week), my hubby presented me with a new challenge along the same lines.

He turned to me out of nowhere and said:


Hell yeah! If there is one way to motivate me, it’s by pretty new things! Brilliant idea! There are of course terms, which I now have in writing but I won’t go into detail. I’ve had Ariana & Danielle look over them for legitimacy issues and fairness, etc, etc. As far as I’m concerned, as of March 26, 2008 – that purse is mine!

So here’s the catch, I need a new program because let’s face it, 10 lbs may not just “melt away”. So here’s where calorie counting and running come into play. I’ve never counted calories in my life. So this will be a bit new to me. Ariana is now deemed my Personal Trainer and has a regimen for me. And Danielle has taken it upon herself to be my Personal Nutritionist (she’s already taken over my breakfast habits, as I now had to throw out the breakfast I brought this morning).

Wish me luck….I will try to do a weekly weigh-in to keep track of my progress.

Also, any tips on how to cut calories or lose weight would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Thanks Girls!!


  1. What a reward! Sounds like pretty good motivation! I think the best thing is to keep track of what you eat. Anything you put in your mouth automatically must be tracked. Then, when you are thinking about eating something, you will think twice if you have to record it!

    Also, adding a light weight training regimen will help boost your metabolism (although don’t be surprised if you gain a little weight first as you build up your muscle!)

  2. Sounds like fun. You know Nellie won’t let you slip up. That girl is mad serious lately. Just hope she doesn’t make you eat everything Organic! Good luck mama! That is the kind of motivation I need lately. So we don’t get a Happy Hour until then??? 😛

  3. Lemme know if you need help counting carbs. I’m a whiz. I just choose to exercise the right NOT to do it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck to you! What a reward! I’ll keep checking back, b/c I am doing Weight Watchers right now! Maybe I can get some inspiration! Good Luck!
    -Steph Russell

  5. Well I’m on a mission to lose all my grad school weight and I’ve thus far lost 29 lbs (halfway there, yes I gained alot of weight). The best advice I can give you from my experience is portion control and balance. Don’t be hard on yourself, if you have a slipup or a setback just redeem yourself with the next meal or the next day.

  6. No happy hour Lalo…well beer is technically organic so maybe I will allow it!

  7. Great reward. I got the suede coach bag by losing weight, now I am eyeing another heh. My suggestions, use a small plate when eating, drink lots of water and eat red licorice.

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