Chicago Bound!

It looks like Miss Karys’ 1st plane ride will be this coming March – as we will pack up and head to Chicago for a long weekend! Tim’s going for business and Karys and I will be tagging along – and getting to spend some time with family up there too! Tim’s step-brother, Stephen, lives there and so does his cousin, Steph, and her husband Jerry. Hopefully we’ll get some great visit time in with Uncle Dan, Aunt Patty and Mandie & Ella too – and whoever else will be driving in that weekend. We’re looking forward to it!

I’m also very interested in any tips for flying with toddlers – as I know a lot of you have done it before!!


  1. I haven’t attempted it yet, but I’m told Tylenol PM is a must have!

  2. If she does okay in the car, she should be fine on the plane. Be sure to pack books, toys and snacks for her to munch on. The flight to Chi-town shouldn’t be too long. Tylenol PM could do the trick if you want to knock her out? Darren and Lauren did very well as toddlers, now that they are older they are more prone to getting “Air Sick”. They said they did just fine on this last trip. How fun, weekend with family in Chicago. So exciting.

  3. I’m thinking that there isn’t an infant Tylenol PM…you could try Benedryl, but try it first because some kids have the opposite result.

    I say, bring lots of snacks, drinks, and pacis. Also, lots of toys and books.

    And, don’t forget extra diapers and a change of clothes for Karys (and you) in case she gets sick. From previous experience (the last two times I flew Delta), my bags were left here for two weeks, so maybe have enough stuff for a day in case your bags get left in H-town.

  4. Yvette :) says:


  5. my cousin swears by m&ms. it gets them through the plane rides every time. but is she big enough to eat m&ms?

  6. I’m going to chicago jan 24th for 2 weeks, let me know where you had the best pizza!

  7. Never done it but think sweets and new toys would help, good luck

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