Last night nearly killed me. I was crying, sweating and cursing (no worries – Karys was in bed) at the TV as I watched last night’s game against the Packers. Eli Manning and his team deserve this! And with all the smack people talked about him all year, with all the crap I got for being a huge Giants fan – I have to say that this victory feels SO good!

Most exciting?! We will be in NEW YORK for the Superbowl! Can you imagine how pumped this city is going to be?! We just added a few more items to our list of things to pack – OUR JERSEY’S!!

Thanks for all the texts last night :) I know you guys must have known how freaked out I was. My favorite was from Jaime: “Breathe!!” with only a few minutes to go!


  1. I am so happy they WON!! That has to be the best. Although that game was way too stressful.

    The Broncos have given me quite a few ulcers in the past. :-)

  2. I still can’t figure out why the NY team is your fav, but they certainly played a good game. I’m not a Manning (all three) fan, but I would love to see the Patriots go down, now that the Packers are history.

  3. Aww yeah! Another Texan NY Giant fan! I cannot tell you how big of a fan I am. I have license plate holders, a car decal, a key chain, 2 jerseys, 4 hats and the list continues. You guys are going to be surrounded by awesomness watching the G-Men IN NY. I am so jealous! Here is the G-Men winning!!! Move over Tom Brady, here we COME!!!

  4. Well being in another counrty i am clueless about the superbowl but sounds like its a good thing

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