Thursday 13

Thirteen Websites I Visit Frequently
(in no particular order)

11. TMZ


  1. I love Perez and TMZ too. I go there every day! I caught my husband reading one that I am love with now. You need to check it out. It’s PageSix. It is SO good. I like it better that TMZ now. Love your list!! Happy New Year.

    PS. Thanks for visiting my site. :)

  2. Great websites! Really, what would we do without the internet??

  3. I often wonder what the kids are going to say when they are older and learned we lived without the internet (and tivo!). Will they believe us?

  4. Oh cool I didn’t know jen lancaster had her own regularly updated blog, I’ll be adding that oen to my regulars!

  5. Yep, I finished it about three days….it was pretty good. I’ve got the next one on reserve at the library (in case it isn’t worth buying!)

  6. I always check out People too. Did ya get there yet this morning? That crazy Britney Spears, I tell ya.

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