Thursday 13

13 House Goals This Year

1. Clean/Clear out game room
2. Window treatments for several rooms
3. New bathroom set for upstairs bath
4. Bar table for the kitchen
5. Sell weight bench
6. Organize office (more book shelves, etc)
7. Baby proof upstairs
8. Paint Dining Room
9. Paint Game Room
10. New Living Room Couch
11. Redocorate Game room
12. Furniture for Formal Living
13. Designate Play Area for Karys


  1. Sounds like you’ll be busy. Good luck!!

  2. You shall be busy, busy, busy.

    Here’s my idea…save on the money for furniture for the formal living room and designate that as the play area! (Remember, I’m cheap!). Plus, I know so many people that which they would not have bought furniture for their formal living room.

  3. You go girl. There are so many things I’d love to do…but won’t!

  4. I totally agree w/ Krystyn. We made our formal into a playroom and it works out great! Just an idea! Good luck on all your goals!
    -Stephanie Russell

  5. Stephanie-I found this site through the girl Suz that has the quads and sometime I click on people that I see. I clicked on yours and then I was like..” I think I know her”. Is that Stephanie Lundy? Then I scrolled down and saw Rachel and I also saw Joe in some pics. I got real excited! Hopefully we can stay in touch over blogging and I also want to know how you get your blog so neat.

    Jennifer ‘Greene” Colley

  6. haha, no it doesn’t pop. you have to put feed corn in it. like the kind you feed cows and stuff. I don’t understand why the corn holds heat for a long time, but it sure works good!

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