Thursday 13

13 Things I Did Yesterday
(in no particular order)

1. Woke Up
3. Had a Contract drawn up (courtesy of DW)
4. Took a Bubble Bath
5. Gave Karys a Bottle
6. Read Harry Potter (Book 3)
7. Felt Really Sick (probably from shock of low calories)
8. Counted Calories
9. Taught Karys “Soooooo Big”!(Stacey’s Idea)
10. Had my house cleaned
11. Set up leases
12. Started a Food Journal
13. LOST 2 POUNDS!!! Yay!!


  1. 2 LBS already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go woman :)

  2. Hooray for 2lobs, it will soo pay off.

  3. I guess lobs is a combination of lbs and pounds…you get the idea…sorry!

  4. What a busy day for you. Keep counting those calories and you’ll have your COACH in no time. A bubble bath sounds so good right now? You didn’t RUN?

  5. The most important legal work I’ve ever done, and I’ll send Tim the bill after you win.

  6. 2 lbs in one day? Way to count those calories. Soo big is LOTS of fun!

  7. 2lbs in one day is WONDERFUL

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