Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Will Do Today

1. Drink my coffee to wake up
2. Call the sitter to check on my baby
3. Go get breakfast downstairs
4. Return some phone calls
5. Return emails
6. Research some questions on title
7. Set up leases
8. Drive home with Tim
9. Pick up my angel
10. Make dinner
11. Read my book (I’m almost done)
12. Feed Karys dinner
13. Take a bubble bath (hopefully!!)


  1. I think #9, 11, and 13 are my fav’s!!! :) I’m in the 500’s of my book! 200 left to go!!

  2. I like 11 and 13 the best….I’ve got to get a new book, though. But, the bubble bath could definitely be a go (maybe with a glass or two of wine)!

  3. And have a good laugh! That was way more eventful than #7.

  4. read a book and take a bubble bath! very nice.

  5. I need a bubble bath right now! I’m so cold! :(

  6. Sounds like a full day that’ll end nicely so don’t put hopefully next to #13, put FOR SURE!! What’s for dinner? I think you should make some Deep Dish Pizza. I am packing my Alice Sebold book, I have yet to finish it. Yay! I’ll miss ya while I am gone. Take care of DW!

  7. Found you through Erin- you have such a fun blog! You seem like a wonderful mom! : )

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