WW – Chasing Roomba


  1. so cute!! and I always love her in her PJ’s!!!

  2. Hee Hee, too cute! Do you like your new vacuum?

  3. I love karys and brinks together…it is so cute. I hope our dogs are that gentle when we have kids!
    BTW, do those roomba’s really work? Are you happy with it? Just wondering…I’ll soon be getting one of those or a dyson, which I’ve been leaning towards the dyson. Any input from a roomba owner?

  4. I love her new footie jammies!!

  5. haha! I love how they’ve teamed up to catch it.

  6. Does that Roomba actually work? It sounds like a brilliant idea.
    At least it works as a fun baby/dog toy. :)

  7. What a dolly. I agree her PJ’s are adorable. I imagine Karys would look cute in a Potato sack-not that you’d do that to her.

  8. Oh, that’s too funny! Karys seems very excited about her new toy.

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