WW – Coming Home!

(but not so much “wordless” today….)

Welcome Home, Joe!!
My brother-in-law, Joe, comes home today from serving the past 15 months in Iraq!! Tim and his mother are going to go pick him up in Fort Hood later this morning. We are so excited to have him back and have missed him so much. We’re so glad that he has come home safe and sound. He’s only met Karys once, when he was home on leave and she was just 3.5 months old! Now she’s “talking” and walking! We’re so glad to have him back where he belongs – with us!


  1. That’s great! I’m sure he’ll be thrilled! I know somebody else that will be home today, too!

  2. I can’t even imagine how exciting that must be for your family!

  3. Exciting! I get emotional when I see videos of the troops reuniting with their families! So sweet!

  4. Oh, and btw, your Wednesdays are never WORDLESS 😉

  5. Great pics!
    My niece just went back to Iraq for her second stint. Blah.
    Thanks for your service, Joe!

  6. Wonderful and congrats. Stumbled upon your blog. What a beautiful family! I’m addicted to babies (especially since having my own 5 months ago today!) and she’s a doll. You blog looks fantastic and matches the content. Hope to visit again!

  7. Super good news on his safe return. I agree with Worley about the WW!! ha ha You just can’t help yourself I guess. It is tough though. :-)

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