AeroGarden – Week 2

In just one week, the AeroGarden made so much progress! All the seeds have sprouted except for the Parsley (it takes the longest with 8-15 days) and so all but 1 of the biodomes have been removed. I took close up pictures to document each pod’s individual progress. I have not yet even had to add any additional water or food either. I’m very excited about all the growth in only 1 weeks time!


  1. Very cool! why is the parsley the only one with that cup over it?? how long until you can start using them??

  2. Wow..thats really interesting! I wasnt sure how they worked! Good luck!

  3. Those look really cool! I soooo wish I had the counter space for something like that.

  4. Yes, my days are always like this! Just get ready! lol I always say that Landon has more of a social like than I do now! I love it though! He keeps me on my toes!

  5. Very cool, and I’m glad to see it wasn’t a waste of $$! Can’t wait to see the veggies next.

  6. That’s so cool! I had no idea that had stuff like this.

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