AeroGarden – Week 3

Our little herb garden continues to flourish as we head into Week 3. All of the pods have now sprouted, as Parsley decided to come out the other day. The Italian Basil seems to have gotten the biggest and grows the most as far as I can tell. The most exciting thing is that we can now smell both the Italian & Purple Basil when we are up close to it! We are still a ways off from harvesting them but look how much they have grown in only 3 short weeks!


  1. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile-especially when it comes to growing something. They are so cute. You will have to have a dinner party when they are all big and ready to cook. I’ll bring the wine!

  2. I totally want one now. Has it improved your cooking?

  3. awesome – if you can grow them – anyone can!! :)

  4. It looks fool-proof!

  5. Thanks for this update!!! I’m really going to look into this :-)

  6. Can i come to your house for dinner when there done? There is something about fresh herbs that drive me crazy

  7. My sweet Goosey saw that on an informercial this past weekend & told me “Momma – you need one of those. We could grow really big tomatoes and stuff. Only I’d make your growing machine be red because that’s your favorite color”.

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