AeroGarden – Week 4

The AeroGarden is continuing to thrive. It has now been 4 weeks and you can see how much the seed pods have just flourished. The Italian Basil (back row, second from left) has really gotten some much larger leaves on it now. The Basil’s both still smell amazing too! The Parsley has been sprouting some new leaves as well. They are now considered to be in the Intial Growth stage instead of the Germination stage. Soon they’ll be ready to harvest! Yum!

The little mint has so much new growth on the bottom of it too. It’s starting to grow around each other to make more room!

The growth has been incredible!


  1. Hooray for growth! They look delicious.

  2. the look great! look at your green thumb!

    and OK, you convinced me… I am going to read The Bitter Is Fabulous book and maybe it will calm down my HP obsession! haha :) we tend to like the same stuff… so I’m sure I will enjoy it!

  3. Ok, I think that is so freakin’ cool!
    I can not believe how much they grew in the last week…

  4. What a huge difference in only a week. WOW.

  5. Instead of telling parents of infants “Wow, they grow like weeds” I will now say “Wow, your son/daughter grows like Stephanie’s Aero Garden. LOL Too cute.

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