My Gold Star

I am worthy of a Gold Star! Even if maybe those who should see it do not, I have awesome friends that recognize it! Ha!

This lovely, hand-made Gold Star was on my desk when I came back to my office. It’s now hanging on my computer screen.
It’s just been that kind of year already…workwise anyway!


  1. What the heck does a gold star mean?? The last time I saw one of those was when I did good on a spelling test in elementary! haha

  2. Good job on whatever you did right?!? So now there is a Secret Star? lol

  3. Congrats on whatever earned you a gold star! I’m sure you deserve it!

  4. Good Job Steph! Its always good to work w/ fun people! (which by the looks of do!)

  5. Congrats what a fun thing to get

  6. Way to get a star! I am so bad I haven’t gotten one since kindergarten!

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