The NYC Trip

Tim and I had a blast in New York with our friends, Eric & Jaime, this past week. We had lots of fun adventures and crazy moments that we won’t soon forget! Seeing as how I took over 200 photos, it would be a little crazy to post them all, so I will just post the ones I like the best. Thanks so much to my Mom for keeping Karys for us – we couldn’t have gone otherwise and I know Karys loved getting to spend some extra quality time with her Nana!

Tim & I in Times Square
Jaime & I in Times Square
They were filming a live episode of Fast Money!!
We thought we were pretty cool in our hats I think
About to head out for the night
Jaime pretending to be irritated after Tim got us lost on the subway. We had to hail a cab after this particular moment because we were so far out of our way! Haha!
Eric ordered deep fried chicken at Seredipity and they brought him a whole chicken! It was pretty funny when they set it on our table.
Mmmm….our dessert!
We kind of demolished it!
Eric onstage at the Comedy Club where my cousin works – pretending that we’re laughing at his jokes!
The four of us ready for the show!
With my cousin, Jeffrey
Tim leaning on the Empire State Building – he thought he was so clever!
At the Top of the Rock
About to take a carriage ride through Central Park
Enjoying the ride
The Sorting Hat said….Gryffindor!!
We’re thinking he looks like a Slytherin…???
Tim with Chewbacca made out of all lego’s
Wearing his Gryffindor scarf – it was actually his own scarf but looked the part quite well!
Me with my favorite (lego) characters!! Harry Potter!!
We had such a fabulous time! There are more pictures on my other blog or on the previous post about the Superbowl Party we had in NY. All in all, we had such a great time and were really thankful for the vacation and getting to see our friends. I’ve always wanted to go to NY and I’m glad I got the chance. But next time we go out of town (Chicago) I’m bringing my baby girl with me – I missed her too much to ever leave her again anytime soon!


  1. Looks like so much fun. You took so many pictures! I love them. Chicago will be a blast too. Glad you are back.

  2. I’m glad you had so much fun! I love NYC!

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