Ribbity Rabbit

Seeing as how my baby girl seems to be a sponge when it comes to learning and picking up new things, my husband and I have taken it upon ourselves to teach and show her anything we can think of in the hopes of expanding her knowledge. This includes colors and shapes to animals and the noises they make.
One night shortly after our daughter’s bath, my husband starts showing her different stuffed animals around her room. He proceeds to ask her what sound they make, looking at her as if she will answer him any second now. Being the great mom I am, I decide to answer for her. But seeing as how I’m insanely tired, my brain fails me miserably (this actually started at pregnancy but we will ignore that teensy tidbit).
Husband: “Karys, what sound does a rabbit make?”
Me: “Ribbit, Ribbit!”
Silence. Followed by an eruption of laughter from my sister, who is over for a quick visit. My husband continues to stare at me with his mouth half open for another minute.
Husband: “You are not to teach our daughter anything in regards to animals”
In my (only) defense, what kind of parent asks their (almost) 1 year old child what sound a rabbit makes – of all animals!
Now? The hubby has now named said rabbit Ribbit the Rabbit and his friend, Tadpole. Just lovely!


  1. Now that is one funny story, I just kept laughing, but Stephanie anyone that knows you would know that most of the time you don’t think about things before you answer the question…ha ha ha, that was so cute, but not a surprise to me.

  2. How about you handle fashion and I will handle wildlife?

  3. Nope, it’s still funny! And like I said, you never know what you are going to say. Besides, pregnancy and child birth turn your brain to mush.

    Maybe, “hoppity, hop” would work for a rabbit, but I don’t really know. Here’s another one, what does a hippo or a giraffe say?

    We have an animal that looks like a hybrid between a dog and a bear, I never know what it says!

  4. I love you Stephanie… remember to let Tim do ALL the talking when you take Karys to the zoo! :) Dont want to confuse the poor child…

  5. I think I laughed even harder the second time I heard the story! (maybe it was your defense!) But I agree…my brain becomes mush quite often since becoming a mommy! 😉 Thanks for sharing your side!!

  6. LOL…. that is great!

  7. Rabbits don’t make noises you silly engineer! They hop. boing. boing! You keep right at it Steph.

  8. That is hysterical!

  9. That is hilarious and I totally agree with YOU!

  10. Yeah, you lay off the animals, I told you that you got lamb and got mixed up!! :) That is one cute story…

  11. Again, it actually WAS in fact a lamb, not a goat.

  12. Too funny! You are a riot.

  13. Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS!!

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