Thursday 13


13 Little Known Facts About Our Relationship

1. He proposed 5 years ago today (Valentine’s Day)!!
2. I tricked him into asking me out in high school (1998)
3. He kissed me first in the middle of my talking b/c he said I wouldn’t shut up
4. He helped me write a lot of my papers my last year in college
5. I cried on our Honeymoon so we took a 2nd one the next May :)
6. We didn’t live together until we were married.
7. We like to take a vacation together every year
8. We have matching JA Cross Rings
9. We have Date Nights every weekend when Karys goes to bed
10. We broke up twice (just for a few days) in college
11. Tim had a black eye at our wedding but I didn’t find out til the next morning
12. We wanted to wait until we were 30 to have kids, but weren’t sure we wanted any at all
13. Now we hope to have a big family someday


  1. How sweet! You two are very lucky to have eachother! I still remember yall in high school! 😉 Happy Valentines Dday!

  2. was your first picture from Sadie Hawkins??? why are you matching?? Super Cute!! and you say I talk too much?? Looks like I got that from you! (#3)

  3. Too cute! I remember Tim talking about you guys at lunch senior year!

  4. What’s the deal with the red shirts? Did you go in public like that? Did people stare? HAHAHA! Sorry, the hormones and the big baby belly have killed cupid this year.

  5. How funny! I love that you two were together in high school. I was a junior when we started dating.

    I just got back from buying myself my present from JA. I know. Romance ends after 13 years.

  6. how sweet!! You’ve got to tell us the story that goes along with #2!

  7. so sweet
    happy V-day

  8. Love the picture of you two love birds. So adroable. :-) You two are just great and lucky to have each other.

  9. Love hearing about your relationship, sounds like its been a lovely one

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