Thursday 13

13 Things We Learned While In NYC

1. How To Hail A Cab
2. How to Ride (and get lost) on the Subway
3. Sometimes there’s a knife on the ground outside your hotel 4. Lots & lots of walking!
5. The black cabs are way more $$ than the yellow ones
6. Every bar is at least 3 stories!
7. The streets are crowded at all hours of the day & night
8. Beer & Liquor do not mix well (Tim!!)
9. It freezing in February!
10. The people are much nicer than we expected
11. Diners have menus that are 27 pages long! They serve everything!!
12. Bars are open until 4am
13. They LOVE their NY GIANTS!!


  1. yeah… we stayed away from the black cabs! we were shocked at the cool touch screens in the cabs though! and shouldnt Tim have learned about mixing alcohols when he first started drinking?!?! haha glad you had a good time!!

  2. Ditto Rachel (about the drinking thing)! I haven’t been to NYC, but y’all are making it look pretty nice!

  3. I wanna go! :( I think the 27 pg menu would get me in some trouble! Ha! And I’m surprised you say the people are nice, too!

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