Thursday 13

13 Things I Did This Week

1. Found out some INCREDIBLE news yesterday 😉
2. Took a quiz for my writing class
3. Completed 1/2 my current photoshop lesson
4. Went to the gym for the 1st time in years
5. Got a new area at work (it’s a mess!!)
6. Discovered Karys is getting her top molar :(
7. Wore a new sweater I got for my birthday (3 months ago!)
8. Got sick from a dinner I made last night :(
9. Broke in some new (old) strappy sandals
10. Trimmed my AeroGarden for the 1st time
11. Had the house cleaned for the party this weekend
12. Paid closer attention to my stocks
13. Wished 2 friends a Happy Birthday


  1. You sure were busy! What did you make that made you sick…that stinks!

    You’ll have to show some updated Aerogarden pics!

  2. WHAT?!?!? what INCREDIBLE news?!?!?! I didnt hear anything?!?!?! Why do you tease me like this!!!!

    the dinner thing is pretty funny though… haha – what was it???

  3. Because I can :)

    And it was Sirloin Veggie Stir Fry. But it was SO good and Tim didn’t get sick :(

  4. Your week sounded busy! I can’t believe Karys is a year old Saturday. Time has flown by. Has Karys been miserable with getting her molar in? Presley has been really tough. Her bottom molars are coming through and she has been very irritable. Hopefully the girls teething will be quick…for both our sakes.

  5. Food sickness is killer. Sorry about that. I hope the great news offsets it. And, you have stocks? I’m older and obviously less savvy with money than you are!

  6. Congrats on the news (feel free to share at any time!!) and going to the gym!! I still cant believe she is going to be one already!! Get ready…the next few years get EVEN better!! (I know thats hard to imagine!)

  7. You tease!!!!

    Tell us the news! :)

  8. Yes, do tell!

  9. Oh come on, just tell already!

  10. New what news? You need to share

  11. What a crazy and wild week. I missed a lot while in Colorado. I take it the news is still on the HUSH!! 😛

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