WW – Mamavice

Lindsay has graciously asked me to be one of the Mama’s that helps post questions for other Mama’s out there. And I am more than happy to accept! Check it out! It’s a great site for all the other Mama’s out there!


  1. congrats on being a Blog Author!! I’ll come to you when I have kinds… you know, in about 10 years! :)

  2. congrats!!

  3. That’s quite an honor!

  4. Hi,
    I found your blog through Lindsay’s links for WW. I’m one of her Strollerfit girlies. Your blog is super cute! I read your post about Photo Shop Class. I would love to do that….how did you find out about it?
    Thanks!! :)

  5. Wow! CONGRATS. I am so glad you left me another comment so I could come back to check out your classy blog again.


  6. Woot woot! Very cool and I love your blog.

  7. Thanks girly for the sweet words!
    It is gonna be SO FUN to have you as one of the Mamavice Authors!

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