WW – Superbowl Party In NYC

As is tradition (and as many of you point out), my Wednesday’s are never quite “wordless”. We partied it up in NYC for Superbowl Sunday. When MY GIANTS WON, there was a party to be had and the streets were covered in Giants fans and the town was full of celebration. So of course, we had to partake in the festivites. Here are the “good girl” photo’s of the night. I’ll post more NYC photos later too. There are actually a few here if you want to see some now.
Jaime & I ready for the game
My cousin, Jeffrey, and I at The Snug
THEY WON!!! MY BELOVED GIANTS!!!The boys were a bit excited!
The girls were ready to party in the streets!
The place was packed – dancing and drinking galore!
Dancing to our victory!!
Eric & Jeffrey playing in the helmet
Like I said, there are more but I posted the most blog-appropriate ones I had. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Isn’t everything blog-appropriate?

  2. WOOHOO NEW YORK!!!! I know you were CRAZY excited when they won! for such a girly girl, you sure do love your football!!!

  3. I love all the pics! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. So glad they Giants took that game. :-)

    I was thinking of you the whole time and how happy you must’ve been. Can’t wait for next season!!

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